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Escapng Portal Game

Escaping      Portal        Game

This is a virtual world story and design that begins in the corridors of Shining and follows Danny and Wendy as they escape from jack in a dark joke of a 'paradise full of windows'.  In the end they manage to escape and return to their normal lives.

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The Great Wall




Space phototype


From the length of the Great Wall, it reminds me of windows that are dislocated from the front and back by opening the windows. It can be done backwards until it is very long. I am thinking, if each paragraph represents a piece of history or culture, after making it longer, will it naturally form a story line.


The kaleidoscope is my inspirational tool because its from a "window" that can create multiple variations and confusing effects. I plan to use this feeling to express my portals.


Short triangular prism

Long triangular prism

Quadrangular prism

Pentagonal prism

Hexagonal prism


In my Doomsday Survival Kit, we can take three items for ourselves and one for the opposite sex. I chose a soft blanket, a Polaroid, water and a thermal imaging flyer. And imagined myself on a deserted island with no one around. The next step is to dismantle one of these items and research material types to eventually use in my designs

Transparent board

The Shining Corridor

My Portal, which consists of three parts. The first part takes place in the corridor of the Shining, where danny rides his little bike forward. In this part all the scales are scales in reality. Then we move on to the second part, in which Danny and Wendy enter a game of escape from Portal, escaping from Jack's pursuit in a "paradise" that resembles a black joke. The third part is where they succeed, like the end of The Shining, and finally enter an open reality and return to their normal lives


The interior of the portal

錨點 4

This is the actual portal solid model, photographed from the rear side of the Portal. On the front is a solid crystal sphere resembling a kaleidoscope. This is a space made up of many, many windows, some of which are real. Access is possible through traffic lanes and ropes.

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This is the interior of the portal, the texture of the folded carpet is from the Shining corridor. And interspersed with the windows of some buildings, like little portals, and connected by structures, it is like an adventure into a different story, because you never know what is waiting for you behind the next window.

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