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Post-covid Mourning Retreat
Those who have lost their relatives and close friends in the covid epidemic.
Community identity:
“Shining” characteristic:
Community characteristic:

Dick Hallorann (Scatman Crothers) tells Danny (Danny Lloyd) that “shining” is, at its core, a fusion of telepathy and clairvoyance. Being able to shine means being able to communicate with others using the mind, and gives people the ability to see things that have happened in the past, or will happen in the future.

The telepathy between relatives and close friends uses thoughts to communicate with them.


Skylight, silence, nature, poetic, no religious, spiritual connections, the transparency of being open

This is concept collage, the left-hand curse on the Shining, which serves as my starting point and leads to the post-epidemic era in which we now live. I pray that we will have a peaceful and natural society.


This is a narrative strategy for my post-covid mourn retreat based on the day's activities of the community within, the mood curve they experienced with each space and activity they passed through.

錨點 1
錨點 2

This is the initial design collage for my post-covid mourn retreat. There are three kinds of community: individual, family, and large group, and  layers of design elements and directions to consider: shining curse, nature, light, and peace.

The real death is that no one in the world remembers you.                        <Coco>

The reason for choosing wax as the main material for my memory space is that wax is widely used for commemorative occasions such as funerals or weddings. It is a way of expressing condolences and hopes. On the other hand, wax can change and move over time. Time is also a very important factor in the post-covid era. No matter how much time has passed, those who died as a result of the epidemic will never be forgotten in the hearts of those who lived. Like melted candle oil, it only gets thicker and thicker as it piles up.


Jelly Wax

Soy Wax


Sequence of spatial experiences:

Memory space

Ground Floor

First Floor

Physical model scale :1:25 model slice: 0.65mX 0.52mX0.32m

After reorganising the existing planes, I chose the memory space as my design focus.
On the way to the memory space, I first pass through a long circulation space, then into the memory space, to remember and reminisce, and then finally into the prayer space. Praying for those who have lost loved ones and friends in the epidemic, and for a better life for themselves in the future.

Material Palette

Iron wire

Newplast clay

Wooden structure

Birch panel

Soy wax

Jelly wax with Greenery

Red fabric

Jelly wax

Candle wax

Post-covid Moren Retreat Animation

Here's a short film on memory space from my post-covid mourn retreat. It reflects the different stages of my design through the state of the wax at different times, like a candle starting from the beginning to the end and then slowly going up to become a new candle. From complete existing to extracting certain elements from it, rebirth these elements, reuse them in my design space and finally complete.

This is a rendering of the space after the design has been completed. The rebirth of many of theexisting elements will be analysed later.

One of the walls is a Memory cast wall, on which the comminty can cast any object, a word or sentence, or a photograph. Then, after a certain period of time, a staff member will repaint the wall with thick wax and continue to cast until the space is filled with wax. So it's a memory space that changes over time.

The interior of the memory space

Memory cast wall



The interior of the model

錨點 3

Candle light installation

錨點 4
錨點 5
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