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Exquisite Corpse

The first part is an 'invisible' floor, where the white area is the floor and the paths and platforms on the hill can be part of the floor. The second part is a smoky wall made by a foreign member of the group, the third part is an invisible ceiling, which is placed in a window, similar to a mythological story, where people can travel through the painting, and the fourth part is a garden made by another foreign member of the group, which combines her cultural background. It was an interesting assignment that allowed me to discover the subtle variations of 'Chinese gardens' when combined with the cultural backgrounds of different countries.

This is the second assignment of the team relay, illuminated floor +reflective wall +slashed celling. At the end, when we added the ceiling to the floor and wall, the collage became a story about a hot air balloon. we play the collage just for fun.

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