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Babelian: Wendy

Agents: Lock  Food   Smoke


In one of the scenes of the Shining, three elements are sought, locks, smoke and food. And look for this scene with these elements in our life.
The theme of my collage with my partner was food refuge. trying to create a refuge with food in a very scary environment around us. using locks to try and tie that feeling down.


This is an axo image of the existing architecture and the refuge within it, reorganised under my understanding.


After analysing my intra-week and weekend routines, the plan was to choose a common activity: sleep. and livehouse on weekends as my refuge function. And to design the scale of the small spaces and furniture according to my height.


After reassembling the spatial plan from the Shining, I have found the spatial organisation of the various levels of the building that belong to my understanding of the Shining. The next step is to design further under this spatial organisation and find one of the traffic spaces to create my refuge.


After reorganising the existing space in the Shining, I found the transational space I wanted to do. And become my refuge site.Together with the toilet on the right and the grey space formed in the colourado lounge. The dimensions of this space were then measured and designed.

In the second step the space was further designed and the materials and elements that might be used were studied.


In this refuge site, three secret entrances to my refuges are designed. The first one is located in a concave arch on the background wall of the gold room stage, where the door on the right side can be pushed open to enter. The second one is located in the corridor. When organizing the space, I found that only one side of the door connecting the toilet can lead to the women's toilet, and the other side is empty. So I used this secret door as the second entrance to my refuge. The third is at the end of the Colorado lounge corridor on the top right, hidden behind a painting. Move the painting away and you will find the third entrance to my refuge.

And these three entrances have different ways of entering, the first one is through the stairs, the second one is through the corridor, and the third one is down through the ladder.


The one on the left is the collage of personal live house. I want to create a private and dark space atmosphere.

On the right is my other space, sleeping room, which creates two completely opposite space atmospheres, relatively bright and open. The emotions that the two spaces have are also quite different


This is a spatial rendering of the peosonal live house. Most of the materials used are from the existing shining space. There is a window that can look at the gold room and watch the people dancing and talking inside. At the same time, this window has a one-way glass, and people outside can't see me in the live house. I can also use curtains to close when I don't want to see scenes in the gold room.

This is the original way of the smart furniture, and the boards on both sides are folded.

This is the unfold way of the smart furniture. Open the boards on both sides. One side can sit inside and become a small work area with lights above. The other side can be used as a dressing table.

This is the fold way of the smart furniture. Open the boards on both sides. The left side can also be a dining table.


This is the babelian, or my experience of space in my refuge. 

And an exploded view of the space in the refuge.

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